LA Fashion Week Spring 2016

What a week it’s been! LA hosted it’s annual spring Fashion Week event at the Columbia Center in Hollywood. It was a week filled with bold design and inspired creativity.


We where able to catch Mr. Tim O’Gara, the man behind O’Gara Coach company and one of the principal sponsors of LA Fashion week. As fellow car lovers with an eye for fashion, we asked him what his thoughts where on the connection between fashion and cars.

“They are an expression of creativity and a reflection of lifestyle…They are a celebration of personal accomplishment and passion.”

Photo Mar 18, 8 04 32 PM

We certainly agree that there’s a wealth of passion and personal expression in both. Speaking of personal expression, there was a plethora of designers showcasing their talent this year, here’s some quick background on each designer:

Sav Noir

Classified as Dark Chic, Sav Noir has designs that speak to the rebellious night owls in all of us.

Esther Perbant

Hailing from Berlin, Esther got started back in 2004. The signature look is androgynous, so no matter who you are, there’s something for everyone to be found.

Marcelo Quadros

This Brazilian designer got his start in the early 90’s getting his start at the Brazilian event Phytoervas Fashion. From there, he has built a fashion empire featuring 3 different fashion lines.

Jen Awad

One of the rare Los Angeles natives, Jen Awad brings her west coast influence and style in her designs. Retro-glamour is her signature as many of her designs echo back to the Classic Hollywood days of old.

Michael Sta.Maria

A new debut for LA Fashion Week, Michael Sta.Maria is from the Philippines. With an emphasis on red carpet and luxury fashion, it’s easy to see why he’s been recognized as one of the top new emerging fashion stars.



Rose Cottage

If you child has fashion sense, then Rose Cottage is just what you need. Specializing in hand-crafted clothes for kids, this design label speaks to fashion-conscious families.

Toit Volant

Another Los Angeles-based design label, Toit Volant features classic designs with a modern and progressive twist.


Also based in LA, Phlemuns is a design label that caters to men and women. The design language is androgynous, but with a classical fashion twist.

George Styler

Having been featured in magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue and Elle, this London-based designer is know for uniquely bold and daring designs.

Dena Burton

Featuring luxurious designs with an exotic twist and playful color palette, Dean Burton is celebrating 6 years in fashion and it very clear to see why she’s been so successful.


With a very unique design language and a collection featuring a full size range, Cosmogyral has something beautiful for everyone.

Check out our gallery of pictures below:

We look forward to seeing what creativity and inspiration comes to LA Fashion Week in the Fall!



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